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Dr. Alfred Kriegler, Lawyer Mag. Dagmar Grain-Jeschke, LL.M., Lawyer

Specialists in Family Law


Costs of an initial consultation lasting up to one hour will at all times be € 300 (including 20% VAT). This amount is to be transferred to the account "Dr. Alfred Kriegler" at Erste Bank, IBAN AT79 2011 1827 6406 6700. In the event a power of attorney is granted, the amount of € 300 will be credited to the invoice issued upon final settlement.

The cost framework of a mandate will be discussed personally after the initial meeting.

No lump sum can be agreed upon in advance for legal proceedings.

The final outcome of our work is the decisive factor: You should be satisfied with our work as your legal counsel at the personal and economic levels. For us, legal fees are directly related to the outcome of our work.

Our principles

We help everyone in a difficult situation to make the best of their lives. No case is too small for us, and none is too big either.

We represent women and men in equal numbers and from all strata of society.

We know the ropes in family law: After all, we have been dealing with family law exclusively for over three decades!

There is no such thing as a perfect divorce, given the unpleasant side effects, but there is the perfect handling of a divorce. Knowing human nature based on years of experience, the systematic preparation of the case together with the client and finally, a sincere interest in the concerns of all parties involved are all part of this.

This is how we proceed

What is at issue?

What does this mean for me, legally speaking?

What are the (realistic) options I have?

What do I want? What you want is decisive. You determine your life!

How do I get there?

What is the best way to support me along the way?

What does it cost?

It is important for you to think about all of this calmly and decide what you want. Later on, you should be able to understand in good conscience what you have decided.

Specialists in Family Law

  • Divorce
    • by consent
    • contested
    • national
    • international
  • Division of assets
    • during the marriage
    • on divorce
  • Children
    • Custody
    • Child support/Special needs
    • Contact/Accsess
    • Relocation
  • Marital agreements (Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial)
  • Trusts
  •  Partnership agreements
  •  Parentage/Paternity
  •  Probate and estates including contested
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Law

Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler in advising a client

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Hoher Markt 1 1010 Wien
Tel: +43 1 533 42 65 Fax: +43 1 533 42 65-4