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Divorce Attorney Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler leads IAML conference in Bordeaux

09. May, 2014

Divorce Attorney Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler leads IAML conference in Bordeaux

Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler topped his presidency of the European Chapter of the "International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML) by presiding over a prominently attended conference in Bordeaux.


Over 200 internationally-noted family law attorneys from all over Europe followed the invitation to exchange opinions about European family law on an international basis.The participants and speakers included representatives of the European Commission, the General Secretary of The Hague Conference as well as top officials of French family judges, and the president of the Association of Attorneys of Bordeaux, Dr. Anne Cadiot-Feidt. In connection with the conference Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler was also invited to a reception and discussion hosted by the current mayor of Bordeaux, Mr. Alain Juppé. The conference can be judged an overwhelming success, based not onlyon the program content and the speakers but also on the high number of participants. In addition, it was a welcome recognition of Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler's presidency, not least since he had been elected as the first Austrian to serve a full term as the president of the European Chapter of the IAML.


An additional bonus of the IAML conference in Bordeaux  was the fact that the IAML celebrated its 25th anniversary.


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