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Dr. Alfred Kriegler

By: Dr. Alfred Kriegler

Divorce Advisor for Men

Almost every other marriage ends in divorce. For most this means a lot of stress. In addition to the personal aspects there are a host of legal, financial, and organizational issues that have to be worked through, negotiated and...

Family Law

The European Lawyer Reference

Frauen fühlen anders. Männer auch
By: Barbara Schweder

Woman's feelings are different. So are men's

Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler as quoted in Barbara Schweder's bestseller

International Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Published by David Salter (IAML President), Charlotte Butruille-Cardew and Stephen Grant

Family Law in Europe

Family Law in Europe

Published by Carolyn Hamilton & Alison Perry (second edition), publisher Butterworths LexisNexis TM.

Family Law

Family Law is the first comparative edition of family law in 31 of the world's principal jurisdictions.

Scheidungsratgeber für Männer
By: RA Dr. Alfred Kriegler

Divorce Advice for Men

Divorce is a painful experience - not just for women!

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