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Divorce Advice for Men

By: RA Dr. Alfred Kriegler

Divorce Advice for Men

  • Ways to get divorced.
  • Dividing the assets.
  • Custody.
  • Arbitration.
  • Life after the divorce.

Almost every other marriage ends in divorce. There are as many reasons for a failed marriage as there are ways the parties concerned react to the possibility of separation. For most people divorce is a very serious concern. Men in particular often create difficult problems for themselves as they are less prepared for divorce than women.

But it is preparation that is most important in a divorce: serious, well-organized, consistent preparation and planning.

For the first time Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler, attorney-at-law and divorce consultant has closed this gap that has existed for men. He advises his clients – independent from how they may feel in a particular separation proceeding - how to be properly informed about the important legal, financial, and organizational divorce matters and how to take the necessary steps on a timely basis in preparing for all matters of law. He knows where to find support and advice. He helps minimize conflict and prepare for life „after“.

Der „Scheidungsratgeber für Männer“  is a guide through the entire divorce process. It informs the reader about arbitration and the various ways to obtain advice as well as providing countless hints based on many years of practice in family law.


Available from: <link for sending a>kriegler@divorce.at


Scheidungsratgeber für Männer

Scheidungsratgeber für Männer

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