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Divorce Advisor for Men

By: Dr. Alfred Kriegler

Divorce Advisor for Men

Almost every other marriage ends in divorce. For most this means a lot of stress. In addition to the personal aspects there are a host of legal, financial, and organizational issues that have to be worked through, negotiated and agreed. Those who learn on a timely basis the necessary steps and legal basics at least save time money and nerves. Those “in the know” about where to find advice and support can guard against conflict situations and are better prepared for “life thereafter”.

Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler who specializes in family law guides the reader through the divorce proceedings, informs about mediation and various ways to obtain counsel and advice and provides a host of tips based on his many years of experience.

The second edition of the Divorce Advisor contains all new regulations triggered by the Filiation and Names Rights Change Law (KindNamRAEG 2013) of 2013, with emphasis on foster care and maintenance support. 



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