Analysis of the European version of divorce

Bordeaux, the matrimonial lawyers gather in congress until tonight

The leading European matrimonial lawyers, i.e. 200 specialized lawyers, their spouses, accompanying persons and sponsors, meet until tonight at the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux for the European chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML).

The meeting offers a unique opportunity to speak, only in English, about the developments of family law for the last twenty- five years – it is actually the 25th anniversary of the European chapter of an initially American institution -, as well as about the Hague Convention on Protection of Children or the specific French features in this area.

With the particularity of having few French members in the IAML “Just because there are few lawyers in France, who focus exclusively on matrimonial law. Question of culture. As in my own country” says Viennese Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler, President of the European Chapter.

One does not simply decide to become member of this very select Academy which brings together 650 professionals. It takes, at least, ten years of practice, the recommendations of two peers and a résumé. It offers access to an outstanding address book.

European Convention

“It is essential when you have to deal with a separation between, for example, an Italian and a French who live in London, all with different laws: although European conventions exist, the family law remains a national subject with significant differences between countries. For example, Malta has just approved the divorce while in Spain one can divorce a few minutes” says Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler.

The lawyers who are meeting in Bordeaux do not deal with divorces of everyday people. But rather with separation between rich people. According to the Viennese lawyer Dr. Alfred R. Kriegler, London is the world’s capital of divorces involving big money.

The working days in Bordeaux are complemented with vineyards tours, receptions and dinners. This is also another reason why IAML members wanted to hold their congress in a city which does not count with any member.

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