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We offer professional help in difficult times! No case is too big for us, and none is too small, either. We represent about the same number of women and men from all walks of life. We know the ropes in family law: After all, we have been dealing with family law exclusively for over three decades!

There is no such thing as the perfect divorce, and that’s not just because of the unpleasant side effects. However, there is the perfectly managed divorce. The ingredients to this include someone who knows human nature well thanks to years of experience, systematic preparation in cooperation with the client and, finally, a sincere interest in the concerns of all parties involved.

When or before getting married, hardly anyone will think about the potential failure of the marriage, let alone the consequences of divorce. A marriage contract (prenuptial or postnuptial agreement) is a way of taking precautions in case of emergency; it means that you will be well protected in bad times.

However, a marriage contract must be discussed, drafted and written in a timely manner. Therefore, arrange for consultation as early as possible.

From our many years of experience we know that once the wedding invitations have been sent out, it is very unlikely that a marriage contract will be concluded. Time is needed to find out what clients want and what both bride and groom agree to. Such discussions require sensitivity and tact - we will be happy to advise you.

International marriage contracts

Given my international education (MBA Fontainebleau), I would rather fit into an international business law firm than a family law firm (this is a comment from a female client). My foreign language skills and international contacts are a great advantage in cross-border marriage contracts.

In my experience, it is often better to invest in a "legal umbrella" than to be left standing in the rain later.
I offer advisory services in your mother tongue (English, French, Italian, Spanish) and I have excellent international contacts. The network of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers), of which I was European President, is available to my clients; it is important to note that there can be decisive differences in the legal assessment of facts, depending on the legal system applied in the event of a dispute.

Cohabitation agreements

A cohabitation agreement helps you define the principles of your living together, and especially of separation and its consequences if you do not want to get married or enter into a registered civil partnership. As the law governing divorces) does not apply in this case (nor does the law governing registered civil partnerships), disputes in the event of separation are particularly tedious and costly. You can avoid these by entering into a cohabitation agreement - the best time to do this is before you move in together.

In essence, clients want solutions to their difficult situations. They do not want to be proven right, they do not want years of disputes. Therefore, one has to find out where clients want to go and which expectations and demands are realistic, so one can offer the right support.

Therefore, before you get divorced, be sure to get comprehensive advice from a specialist: the best strategy which covers all legal, financial, tax, pension and, above all, emotional aspects is crucial.

It will be your decision whether you want to go for a divorce by mutual consent or a contested divorce - or no divorce at all - but your decision should always be based on sound professional advice and careful consideration. We will help you to choose the best way to arrive at a life that is happy and free in the long run. We will support you in the best possible way.

Divorce by mutual consent

Especially when it comes to divorce by mutual consent, prior consultation is a must. Once you have signed the divorce settlement, nothing can be undone! We have already experienced many cases where the people concerned came to see us too late! Of course, you can waive certain things, but only if you know what exactly you are waiving and what this means for you in the future. Above all, nothing which could be disadvantageous for you later should be overlooked.

With good preparation, a divorce by mutual consent is the "fastest" form of divorce, but it is a prerequisite that you agree on all points and sign a comprehensive divorce settlement. This will determine your future life. This is why you should consider the divorce and the divorce settlement carefully and not rush anything.

Contested divorce

If a contested divorce is necessary, we will represent you in the best way possible. Divorce always hurts. You cannot prevail in a divorce case, all you can do is make the best of it. Of course, we are committed to our clients, but we always strive for the best possible solution everyone can live well with. We don’t cater to “The War of the Roses", we are "the iron fist in a velvet glove" (to quote a client).

In contested divorce proceedings, the inner strength our clients need is most important to us. It is crucial to show and feel empathy so you can put oneself in the shoes of the persons affected. However, legal advice will only be successful if clients accept it and act accordingly. This requires intensive personal consultations because the persons affected are in an exceptional emotional situation.

International divorce

In family law, especially in divorce cases, the involvement of different nationalities is becoming increasingly common. I am fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, which is why I can advise and represent you in these languages. People express themselves more easily in their own mother tongue, especially when it comes to emotions; many of our clients have repeatedly confirmed this.

As a former president of the European Chapter of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL), I also have access to a worldwide network of family law specialists to support you. Depending on the case on hand, complex cross-border cases can thus be discussed with partners all over the world and, if necessary, brought to court in the respective locations

No divorce

The potential for our clients’ future happiness is most crucial for us. We have advised and supported numerous people in times of crisis who were eventually able to reconcile with their spouse and build a basis for living together. Sometimes, not getting a divorce may be the better solution. Most of the time, however, those affected consult us when it is too late to avoid a divorce.

In times of crisis, it is important to see us immediately before you take steps rashly. Divorce is always the last resort. However, if it has to happen, it must above all offer an opportunity to make a fresh start.

Child custody

In the event of a divorce, agreements must be made regarding the child/ren born of the marriage. This is about custody, child support and visitation rights. If parents go for shared custody, it must be decided which parent will primarily take care of the child/ren and what the other parent will be entitled to in terms of visitation rights. A so-called agreement on dual residence, i.e. when a child/ren is/are cared for by both parents on a 50:50 basis, requires good preparatory work, especially in the context of finances and expenses. The decision of whether child support is due and, above all, in what amount, or whether it would make sense to split costs evenly, likewise requires careful preparation. Intensive personalised consultations are particularly important in custody matters because the persons concerned are in an exceptional emotional situation while agreements which parents/ former spouses are bound to must be made.

Child maintenance / Special requirements

Child maintenance payments cover ongoing payments, they have to be made for the child/ren by the parent who does not live in a common household with the child/ren. However, so-called special requirements, i.e. payments to be made in addition to child maintenance in individual cases, also require qualified and sound advice. We are happy to help you with this.

Visitation rights

In the course of divorce and in the course of separation, an arrangement governing the visitation rights of the parent who no longer lives in the same household as the child/ren must be put in place. Such arrangements require intensive personalised consultations because  the parents and the children will be bound to these for years to come.

Spousal maintenance, both during an ongoing marriage and in case of post-marital spousal maintenance, should be looked at from an external specialist’s perspective; this is all the more important in order to be able to find the best possible economic solutions. Since post-marital spousal maintenance (i.e. whether post-marital maintenance is to be paid, and if so, in what amount) depends on who is at fault in the breakdown of the marriage, sound preparatory work will be indispensable.

When it comes to the distribution of assets, it is particularly important to have a specialist look at the matter from the outside so that economically sensible solutions can be found without anyone being guided by emotions too much. It is often better to do without the vase which was a wedding present from one’s favourite aunt and instead become the sole owner of the former matrimonial home. In Austria, applicable Austrian law is of great interest in the context of the distribution of assets because in most other countries enterprises are subject to distribution. In Austria, however, they are not.

A separation needs to be well thought through. It is important not to rush things and to consider the consequences of a separation systematically! It is invaluable to get comprehensive qualified advice before moving out.
Ill-considered, suppressed or forgotten circumstances which come with the new situation one is in after a separation can lead to serious detrimental consequences, which must be avoided.

The dissolution of a registered civil partnership is almost, but not quite entirely like a divorce. We are also experienced in managing this and we will support you in the best possible way.

A divorce settlement is a prerequisite for a divorce by mutual consent. However, even in contested divorce proceedings, one does not have to fight to the very end. Often enough, a settlement can be reached. Settlements thus have great practical significance and should be drawn up in the interest of the best possible solution. We are happy to help you with our many years of experience and optimum preparation.

We are at your disposal for all kinds of issues regarding succession/probate matters.

…adoptions, dowry claims, disputed paternity, dual residences, preliminary injunctions, filiation proceedings, protection against violence, child abductions, mediation, special requirements, expulsion orders, and anything you might need assistance with in matters of family and succession law.


The fee for an initial consultation, which lasts up to one hour, is € 300 (including 20% VAT). This amount is to be transferred to the account with IBAN AT79 2011 1827 6406 6700 at Erste Bank in the name of Dr. Alfred Kriegler. The amount of € 300 will be set off against the final invoice if a power of attorney is granted as soon as possible.

The framework of costs involved if a mandate comes about will be discussed personally after the initial consultation.

No lump sum fee can be agreed upon in advance.

The final outcome of the mandate is the decisive factor: You should be satisfied with the way we represent you - in interpersonal and economic terms. For us, the legal fees are directly related to the outcome of the case in which we acted as your legal counsel.


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