Family Law „6.0“

The international top publication “Family Law”, a highly acclaimed international standard work on the subject, is now available in its 6th edition - as always, since its inception, it includes a…

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Better failing

Scheiden tut weh. Viele Menschen gehen durch diese Erfahrung und sie ist nahezu immer mit Schmerz und Leid verbunden. Der Weg zur Scheidung ist oft lang und mit Zweifeln und Ängsten gepflastert. Für…

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Divorce Advisor for Men

Almost every other marriage ends in divorce. For most this means a lot of stress. In addition to the personal aspects there are a host of legal, financial, and organizational issues that have to be…

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The Divorce Advisor

“When dealing with divorce problems you need the advice, experience and support of a specialist. After all, you wouldn't treat your own toothache, would you?”

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